Thursday, March 09, 2006

Swim Lessons

I guess it’s a good thing but it still kind of drives me nuts. The two boys will not get undressed in the locker room if there are other gentlemen around. It makes for a slow time in trying to get them dressed after their swim lessons. How do you teach a kid when it’s okay to be naked and when it isn’t okay to be naked in front of a stranger? I guess locker room etiquette will have to come when they are a little older. I do try to convince them that as long as I or their mother are there (you know Sheri likes to change in the men’s locker room too) its okay. I even said to them Monday after lessons “I’ll take my swim suit off, look it doesn’t bother me none. It doesn’t bother me but what did bother me was when Cooper said to the guy next to us “Ha Ha, look at my Daddy’s butt!” What makes this even funnier is the guy instinctively DID look at my butt trying to humor my kids. He thought I didn’t catch him but I swear he turned three shades of red and he was black.

The locker room is also where the song “drying my nads” (a little ditty I taught them after their baths) comes back to haunt me.

Never a dull moment.

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