Friday, February 23, 2007

Not so Bright

Madeline Albright has come out and said that she thinks that Iraq is going to go down in history as the greatest disaster in American foreign policy. I guess if I had any doubts about what we were doing in Iraq, Ms Albright has just affirmed that we must be on the right track in Iraq. You see, in my world it was Ms Albright and the Carter Administration whose failed foreign policies got us where we are now. Lest we forget that Madeline Albright served on Carter's National Security Council.

Those that forget history, are bound to repeat it and no matter how many times that gets said, the left just continue to turn a deaf ear to the past. Somehow, liberals have a way of elevating their proven failures to Hollywood status and trotting them out as "experts" in a topic they've completely botched up. Carter in his four years as president, four years that begat the term "misery index", was a foreign policy nightmare. His whole human rights and his unwillingness to use disproportionate measures illustrated the folly of pursuing a policy of understanding in a world replete with dictators and despots. He lectured Americans on the foolishness of their "fear of communism", and the Soviets responded by invading Afghanistan. He tried to appease the mullahs in Iran, and they responded by holding dozens of Americans hostage, releasing them the moment Ronald Reagan was inaugurated (someone not unwilling to use disproportionate measures, just ask Libya). Instead of declaring war on Iran and taking them out, we sat wringing our hands for over a year, lost eight military men in a bungled attempt at a rescue, and kicked perhaps the worst president of the 20th Century out of office in the fall of 1980.

Fast forward to 1993 and the 8 years of foreign policy ineptitude (four of which Madeline Albright served as Secretary of State) that directly resulted in the American slaughter on 9/11. What if the first attack on the World Trade Center had accomplished its goal of bringing down the building and killing thousands? What would our reaction been then? Just because 6 people died we did nothing? How about the USS Cole? What would we have done if the magazine had been breached and killed all aboard? Why didn’t we act? How about the US Embassies? What would we have done if the building had been blown up as intended and killed all US personnel instead of 250 locals?

You want to know what the greatest disaster in American Foreign Policy is? Liberal influence.

The fact that Madeline Albright can sit back and criticize someone else is reprehensible. How soon we forget.

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