Thursday, April 12, 2007

Global Smarming

While I think you'd be hard pressed to find many people nowadays who would dispute global warming, the real debate is what effect does man have on said temperature change. Some people would have us believe that if we all cut down on our jet setting across the country or quit powering our mansions with green energy, that it would have some effect on global temperature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It's been estimated and documented that if we completely stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow we would only reduce global CO2 levels by a scant 23 percent. Some might argue that a 23 percent reduction would be worth it. Maybe, I tend to think that if we stopped using fossil fuels this planet would descend into chaos, in a matter of weeks. Anarchy would reign supreme, tens of millions; perhaps even billions will die in the transformation back to natural man. Deforestation of the planet of biblical proportions will occur, in a matter of a few years, as people choose survival over extinction or green T shirts. Entire regions will become uninhabitable by humans.
Food production will plummet.

Think about it; marginal change is pointless. Massive change would be catastrophic.

The only meaningful efficient substitute for fossil fuels is the environmentalist bane, "nuclear technology". Lets face it folks, solar energy and windmills are feel good science projects, I mean a windmill produces what? Science has had over 30 years to perfect solar and wind power, what's the best they've come up? A windmill that provides enough electricity to power...a windmill.

In conclusion, the argument that we can even do anything rational or effective about man made global warming is a non-starter. The only sane idea to get us away from fossil fuels and start us moving towards a replacement is to use them all up. So I developed this 10 point plan for all of us to adopt to do our part;

1. Leave your lights on, all of them.
2. Only buy SUVS, the bigger the better.
3. Leave your refrigerator open and use it as a reading light
4. Use your oven to provide extra heat.
5. Aim a hairdryer at your thermostat in the summer to keep your house extra cold (Refer to number 4 if you get too cold). NO BLANKETS!!
6. Washers and dryers are to be used for one garment at a time.
7. Get a shower installed that has internet capabilities so you can surf the net or write your blog while you shower.
8. Water your grass, often.
9. a. Get a big house like John and Al.
b. No sharing of limos, get your own.
10. Get a private jet.

Al says the "earth is sick and getting sicker" and many say what can I do to help?

I say show me your license.

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