Friday, February 01, 2008

No Nominees for Me

If you are as unhappy as I am with republican nominees for president, you need not look any further than the state of Maryland for why. You see, the partisan demagoguery in MD saw it fit to remove its only successful republican governor in 30 years. Yes, I am still reeling from Martin O’Malley winning the governorship of MD.

Despite the fact that the first thing O’Malley did was raise the sales tax 20 percent and raise cigarette taxes (ahem taxes that effect the poorer populations more than any other), something Ehrlich with his democratic legislature was able to hold off from doing do for 4 years, I’m bitter because Ehrlich would have made a fine presidential nominee.

He was an unapologetic Reaganite. He made the Md government smaller, turned a big deficit into a surplus and staved off 7.5 billion in proposed taxes.

He enacted Maryland's first-ever charter schools law, establishing 15 charter schools benefiting more than 3,000 students in just three years

More than 100,000 net new private-sector jobs were created during his time as Governor. Maryland's unemployment rate was one of the lowest in the nation at approximately 4 percent and its welfare rate is at its lowest level since 1962.

His approval ratings never went lower than 50 percent even though he had a hostile legislature, hostile political establishment, and a hostile press.

He had never lost an election during his 20 years as a politician.

He is young and energetic. He has a youthful family and as far as I know, no baggage or skeletons in his closet.

He would have made as good if not better nominee as the four we have now. I would have gladly given him up as the Governor of Maryland had he had presidential aspirations. I guess we’ll never know.

I really feel Republicans have been stung twice by Maryland Democrats, the obvious being O’Malley’s win, the devastating blow for all republicans, was the lost potential of a winning Republican Candidate.

It was a sad day for conservatism when Ehrlich lost the election in 2006; it will be an even sadder day should the 72 year sold McCain win the republican nomination.

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