Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Early Empty Nest

It's hard to believe, but our time with Lucianna is drawing to a close. Almost a full 21 months have elapsed and I haven't written one story regarding her time spent with us. It's not that our time together wasn't without antics, I think it was more out of respect for her and her internest prowess than it was about writable stories. Lucianna's English is way too good to have the double meaning communications we had with Asmira, who by the way is still in country on an education visa living in Cleveland, Ohio. Sheri still corresponds with her pretty regularly. She is doing well, studying to be a dental hygienist, has her own car and a boyfriend!

So, what have I learned about Brazilians during her stay?

For one, when you remove a Brazilian from their climate, their seemable permanent tans fade considerably. In fact, Sheri and I were darker than her this past summer and I made sure she was reminded of it.

Also, the bikini bathing suit originated in Brazil and was (thankfully)imported by the US in the seventies. As a man I never understood the term "Brazilian wax" but now I know. Get one thing straight; it wasn't a penchant for wearing a speedo that enlightened me.

Brazil is a pretty industrious nation. They have found prosperity in oil independence, a model the US could follow.

Brazilians love their soccer. Their biggest rival is Argentina and I had to draw a comparison to anything we have here, it would be like the hatred between the Redskins and the Cowboys. They really do despise the Argentineans as much I despise the Cowboys.

I hope that she has learned something about America while she was here besides our love for football. Sheri and I definately saw a change in her from the young girl she was when she arrived to the independent young woman she is leaving us as. My big fear and I would tell her this repeatedly is that I haven't spoiled her for all men...what with all my "SuperDad" and "SuperHusband" abilities. Able to leap piled toys in a single bound, to paint tall ceilings, to fix what needs fixin and to build what needs building, to clean what needs cleaning, to heat what need heating and to work what needs working, to communicate what needs...(okay I fail that one)... Ha!

Anyway, we love Lucianna and wish her the best in whatever it is she does. She's got a good head on her shoulders and we're confident she'll succeed in life. After 21 months of watching our three gremlins, she STILL says she wants to have lots of her own children. Wow! She is moving in with a friend while she awaits her education visa so she can begin taking college courses at the local college.

As far as the next au pair? Well, Grandma has decided to take over the daily chores of watching Isabel while the two boys are in school. Hopefully that will continue until the summer and we will get a summer only au pair. We've had a extra person living in the house for so long now, its going to seem a little empty.

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