Thursday, January 04, 2007

Never Admit Defeat

Your president is lying to you
This war is illegal
You cannot win this war

What's the first thing that comes to mind? Sound familiar? Probably does, but I wonder if it's because you recognized the mantra that was spouted at American GIs by the infamous broadcaster Tokyo Rose during WWII. Perhaps, but more likely it is familiar because it's what we see and hear in the news media everyday. Isn’t this the message delivered by the mouthpieces of the Democratic Party? Granted they preface their message with a "we support our troops" but then belie that statement by saying;

Our president is lying to us
This war is illegal
We cannot win this war.

I'm always left wondering how people continue to say we are "losing the War in Iraq. From a militaristic standpoint, nothing could be further from the truth. I mean, are our cities be taken over by the enemy, are our bases being taken over and occupied, are we losing more men than they? No, not even close.

General Patton once said "You're never beaten until you admit it." No war is ever won by killing every member of the enemy. Wars are won by destroying your enemy's will to fight. How can we do this when almost every major news outlet and most democrats are out "Tokyo Rosing" the war in Iraq wanting us to admit defeat?

I thought the main objectives of going into Iraq were;

1. Impose our will in the region to find out once and for all if Iraq had WMDs. Mission accomplished.

2. Depose an evil egomaniac who wanted to control the entire region and threatened our way of life. Mission accomplished (if you don’t believe Saddam threatened our way of life, maybe you’d enjoy driving some overpriced hybrid to the grocery store to get $10 loaf of bread or $15 gallon of milk while our economy would slip into the worst recession we probably ever would see.)

3. Instill a western style democracy much like we did in post WWII Europe, a modern day Marshall Plan if you will. The idea was\is; that western style freedom, once rooted, would be the cure-all for 30 years of Middle East Mayhem. Mission Accomplished? Not even close.

No one ever said number 3 would be easy or occur in a short period of time. Somehow Americans forgot, even know that it was said repeatedly, that the liberation of Iraq would be a long arduous journey (how liberals can be against liberation is beyond logic but that is for another blog). Think about all the places we have intervened militarily, last I checked we were still in Japan, South Korea, Germany, all over the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Cuba, for crying out loud.

To leave Iraq now means the modern day Tokyo Roses have won, American and Iraqi lives lost were in vain, and anyone who would seek to do harm to the United States would have a free pass to inflict mayhem upon us.

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