Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sandy "Burglar" (name is almost cliche at this point)

So you're former President Clinton's National Security Advisor and you're called before the 9/11 Commission to testify. What do you do?

Do you go the National Archives to refresh your memory and maybe get rid of some of those embarrassing non-job related emails you were sending around to your colleagues? I seriously doubt it. It wasn't like his title was assistant to the regional Security Advisor or Secretary of the Security to the national advisor, it was NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR.

So just what was Sandy Berger removing from the Archives? If you're up on the story, you'd know that several Archive employees were suspicious of Berger removing documents and it was only after witnessing him stealing did they initiate an investigation; an investigation that caught him hiding documents under a construction trailer. My question is what was it and how much did he actually remove before they even started the investigation? What was his motivation? Common sense would indicate to me he was removing items that may have been damaging to himself and the Clinton Administration. Am I too partisan to see that Berger's actions were inconsequential to the 9/11 Commission? Does anyone actually believe the pilfered documents were no big deal? Didn't his actions compromise national security?

This is the kind of stuff movies are made of. Someone from the archives should have called Bob Woodward at the Post. I'm sure he would have exposed this for the egregious abuse of power it was.

Yeah right.

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