Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

People vote their interest. That's what they're supposed to do, but the problem is that a very large number of people aren't competent or far-sighted enough to really understand what is in their best interest. All they can see is today, and whatever issue is of concern at this moment. The potential disastrous consequences that may lie a few days done the road are of little import, because they're crude decision making mechanism isn't sophisticated enough to take them into account. Right now finances are the pervasive concern for a lot of people, and since they're too intellectually lazy to figure out how best to address that problem, they just decide to buy into the notion that stealing some more money from those evil rich people will do the trick.

So once again, we return to the topic of targeting America’s rich. If 2% of the population paying 60% of our country’s taxes is not enough, what is enough…70, 80, 90%? Where does it end? This isn’t new and it certainly isn’t change; its typical liberal economic policy. Its more class warfare, mob rule and punitive measures against the nation’s most productive citizens; citizens who have no means of defending themselves against the will of the vast majority of modern voters who have been trained to believe that they have a right to the earnings of others. Democrats know this and it is the source of their power.

What they can do to 2% of the population, they can easily do to you, and given the opportunity they eventually will. That's why Marx was right when he said that democracy is the road to

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