Friday, October 03, 2008


If anyone needed proof that Barack Obama is an empty suit, they only needed to tune into watch the vice-presidential debate. Forget about who won or who lost, Biden has got serious qualifications as does McCain. It was pretty obvious as it was on display last night as was McCain’s last Friday. Palin? She went toe-toe with a 35-year veteran of Washington, who has deep knowledge of the issues. I thought she was relaxed and on offense the entire debate.

Does anyone really care about vice-presidential debates? Does anyone really remember who the veep candidates were for Gore or Dole? Vice presidential candidates do not bring votes to their respective candidates. Palin’s job last night was to ease the minds of conservatives (which she did) and not lose votes for McCain (which she didn’t). Biden needed to not come off as over-bearing or sexist or make any gaffes (which he didn’t).

This leads me back to my original point that Obama is an empty suit. It’s simply a joke that this guy is even the presidential candidate. He has never run a business, has zero foreign policy experience, never been a governor or a mayor, no military experience and no independence. Obama has voted with his party over 95% of the time. That’s not particularly a bad thing because there are mucho republicans that do the same, but McCain isn’t one of them and neither is Biden. So…Biden and McCain are more qualified. Hell, Palin is far more qualified than Obama.

The democratic ticket is as backwards as the tax and spend policies they espouse.

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