Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Rant

Politics to me are a sport and by all means, I want my team to win. The Republicans have let the Democrats take control of this election and chances are we are going to lose. Here is an armchair quarterback synopsis of where the republican leadership has failed;

They've failed to accentuate the positive and allow Iraq to cast a total blackout over domestic issues.

They've allowed the Democrats to convince 80% of the country that Republicans totally banned all Stem cell research when nothing is further from the truth.

They've allowed Democrats to paint us as wire tapping fools listening to them talk on their phones every night instead of what really is happening intercepting foreign calls that use trip words. All the while, democrats screaming about the Patriot Act when not one case of anyone's rights being trampled has been brought up.

They've allowed Gitmo to be painted as a Yankee version of a Nazi concentration camp by democrats.

They've continued to play nice with the likes of Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, and Kerry knowing full well there was no way in hell they would play nice with you ever.

They've failed to properly put the spot light on the leaders of the Democrats Pelosi, Reid and Dean and show what life is going to be like under them and what kind of people they really are.

It is inexcusable that the RNC allowed uncontested races, Steny Hoyer in particular. Its inexcusable they let Harris waste a House seat to try for an unwinnable Senate seat, it is inexcusable that a hack like Cardin is even close to Steele, it is inexcusable that the name O'Malley doesn't cause Maryland Residents to grab their wallets out of fear.

It is inexecusable that the Republican leadership has ventured so far away from the Contract with America of 1994. This was our bread and butter, a committment to running a party of principle. The contract was most appealing because it spoke to the people who wanted to be left alone and run their own lives, a very large coalition of people by the way. A governing majority if you will.

It is inexecusable on the part of the democrats that in this very winnable midterm elections, they offer up nothing even remotely similar to the accountability found within the contract with America. All they had to do was come out and say; "here are the ten or so things we plan to do in our first year and if we don't deliver, fire us". It would be a massacre. Its much easier to say "vote for me, I'm not a republican" than to actually make a promise and than deliver on it. What a novel concept in politics.

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