Thursday, November 30, 2006

Miserably Senti"mental"

I hate having a cold. As if living with me under normal circumstances weren't hard enough, I become even more intolerable when I have a cold. When mothers are sick, they must take care of themselves and still take care of the other family members. I, on the other hand, can barely muster the will to make myself a sandwich let alone make someone else's meals. Also, having young children and being sick doesn't bode well together either; you know with the whole yelling, screaming, the temper tantrums, the whining, and the crying. It’s a good thing it's only me that acts that way because I don't think Sheri could tolerate such behavior from the kids.

My 20th Class Reunion from Trinity High School was held this past Saturday. Sheri and I were in attendance along with about 75 other classmates and their significant others. Pretty pathetic turnout considering we had like 375 in the class but it seemed as though there were some new faces there that hadn't been at the past reunions.

Somehow there has to be a better way, I got so caught up in talking to some people and by the time I got "down with O.P.P. (yeah you know me!)", I missed talking to others entirely. This was probably a blessing in disguise because of the many beer inspired conservations late into the evening were just a mixture of politics and "I love yous". Suddenly, living 300 miles from Washington just doesn't feel far enough.

Thanks to the Reunion Committee for putting it all together and thanks to all my 1986 classmates for the great memories. Here's to another healthful and happy five years.

It's sappy as hell, hippy-esh, idealistic, unrealistic and a bit silly and anyone who isn't touched by it, by just a glimpse of how it could be, may need a...

HUG. (click me)

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