Monday, November 20, 2006

Great Moments in Parenting

Last night, a school night just like any other school night I was putting the two boys to bed while Sheri tended to Isabel. As is the normal routine I got them in their pajamas and sent them off to the bathroom to do their business (what I was doing during this time I’m not really sure of but I can tell you what I will be doing from now on – keep reading). Anyway, the boys sleep in the same room with two single beds pushed together. At bed time, each boy lay in his own bed and I lie in the middle for about five minutes to settle them down. This occurs so much so that there are three pillows in the beds, one for each of us. Now in my mind’s eye I just can’t see that third pillow and where it was exactly when the lights were turned out. I crawled up into bed and instinctively grabbed the third pillow, curled up and let the weight of the day release from body. (Cue the needle scratch about right here). As I lay my head on the pillow l felt something crusty against my cheek and I’m like what the heck, is this some residual laundry detergent or something? I now feel the crust sloughing off against my face and I turn my head and smell the pillow. Whoa!! Moses smell the Roses what on God’s green earth is that?! I jump up, turn the light on and see that one of the boys puked (not a lot - about the size of a head – my head to be exact) sometime between 8:30pm and 7:00am the night before and now it’s just a stinky dried crusty mess on the pillowcase. Of course I did what any self respecting father would do – I freaked out, almost causing myself to vomit in the process. Sheri had to replace the pillowcase while I pressure washed the side of my head. Neither boy would own up to the puke. How can you puke and one not know it or two puke and then go back to sleep?

From now on, I’m implementing a 12 point inspection plan before lying down.

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